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Put on Your Seatbelts, This is a Wild Ride!

by Angella Meanix

The last fire-fishing boats of Taiwan. Joe Russo for Gastro Obscura

Travel & Food Adventure

Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide 

by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras

Gravy is for Turkey!!

by Angella Meanix

Inspiration ... Taste by Stanley Tucci

“All Creatures Know Love …”

by Angella Meanix


To pique your interest we have an excerpt from a recent best seller. 

Baby Books

by Angella Meanix


We often get asked, "what is a good book for a baby?" ... and the answer is -- any children's book!  It depends what your goal is. 

Children listen and follow along with whatever kind of story you're reading them.  Of course, rhythm and cadence help keep attention.  As will a simple storyline.

“Warbler, if you fly above this tomb sing him your sweetest song.”

by Angella Meanix

This isn't a new suggestion. It was suggested a while ago in the summer --just after we went into quarantine. I couldn't put this book down.  It struck all the right cords. I've resurfaced my suggestion because it is out in paperback!  Enjoy!  BUY THE BOOK.