Book Habit Blog - President Carter: The White House Years - Stuart Eizenstat

by Stuart Eizenstat

This is an authoritative, well-written account of the single term presidency of Jimmy Carter, champion of ethical government domestically and human rights globally.
Authoritative. Eizenstat was the “ultimate Insider” as Carter’s director of domestic policy and advisor on international matters. He took over five thousand pages of notes documenting every meeting he attended. As a White House Fellow and Carter White House staffer, I witnessed what at the time seemed overzealous scribbling.
Well-written. This book is fact-based, with functional prose, and well organized, chapter by chapter unfolding exposition, warts and all.  Eizenstat’s writing exhibits his known passion for calling balls and strikes, objectively. 

Timely. Readers unfamiliar with the chaos of the ‘70s, currently inflamed by today’s intra-governmental bickering and daily media drama, will learn that these are old phenomena, seen against this thoughtfully constructed portrayal of the president’s four-year slog fighting for good over evil. On the other hand, “boomers” and “pre-boomers” who were either disappointed supporters or confirmed Carter-detractors will reconsider his legacy based on lucid descriptions of Carter’s dilemmas; e.g., the fall of the Shah, Khomeini’s revolution, the hostage crisis, hyper-inflation, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, SALT II, the Moscow Olympics, etc.   

Thirty years in writing, this book is a good and necessary read.   

- Jim Scott
 Jim Scott was a White House Fellow and Carter White House staffer. He recently joined our team at Wellington Square Bookshop. Come by and say hello!