Baby Sign Language: A Fun and Simple Guide to Early Communication (Paperback)

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Start signing with your baby today! This comprehensive book makes signing easy with photos of real kids using 100+ signs, plus expert advice on teaching your baby to communicate early.

In Baby Sign Language, Mary Smith—ASL interpreter and founder of popular sign language education business Sign ’n Grow—shares everything you need for learning how to sign with your 0–3-year-old.

Maybe you’ve seen it online or remember a friend and their baby signing MILK or MORE. No matter why you’re interested, what you’ve heard is true: signing is one of the best ways to kickstart communication. When your baby can sign, they'll get frustrated less—and you will be able to bond more closely.

At the heart of the book are a broad array of photographed signs that are easy to understand thanks to the real kids signing them. You’ll find everything your baby wants to tell you, including:

  • Mealtime Signs: Milk, Food, More, All Done, Drink, Water, Please, Thank You, Yes, No, Hungry, Thirsty
  • Daytime Signs: Help, Open, Up, Pacifier, Light, Bath, Diaper, Blanket, Bed, Sleep, Morning, Night, Potty, Poop, and A Variety of Clothing Signs
  • Playtime Signs: Again, Read, Book, Play, Toy, Dance, Music, Ball, Try, Friend, Take Turns, Gentle, Dog, Cat
  • Family Signs: Love, Mommy, Daddy, Baby, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa,
  • How Baby Feels Signs: Feel, Happy, Silly, Sad, Angry, Scared, Frustrated, Sleepy, Hurt
  • Outdoors Signs: House, Walk, Outside, Playground, Grass, Tree, Car, Airplane, Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain, Snow
  • And many more!

With songs, stories, and games to encourage learning, and insider tips to boost your baby's language development, this is truly an all-in-one guide for helping your baby tell you their wants and needs before they start to talk. 

About the Author

Mary Smith is the founder and instructor of Sign ’n Grow®. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a degree in Deaf Studies and a concentration in Deaf Education in 2010 and completed the Interpreter Training Program in 2011. She has been an American Sign Language interpreter ever since. Mary launched Sign ’n Grow in 2020 after using Sign Language with her own daughter to great success. Her online program, Baby Signs for Growing Minds®, has now taught thousands of parents all over the world how to communicate early with their babies. Mary’s passion is to bring families closer together by teaching Sign Language to young children. To see more, visit her at and on social media @signngrow.

Praise For…

"As speech pathologists, we teach parents how important it is to help their child communicate their wants and needs. Baby sign language is one of the most effective ways to get a baby or toddler communicating early on. This book teaches parents and caregivers everything you need to know to get your child started on their communication journey. The information within this book is a must for all families!"—Brooke and Bridget, Speech and Language Pathologists, Founders & Owners of Speech Sisters

"As a child psychologist and mother to three, I have tried to find a book that can help parents, caregivers, and teachers to teach sign language to young children and in the past was unable to find such a book. I was so excited to finally find a book that teaches these important skills. I know from both my reading of the research and my clinical experience that sign language can help to increase infants' and toddlers' communicative options and thus reduce frustration and build the parent-child bond. This book does an incredible job of breaking down each sign into easy-to-learn steps, explaining variations in the signs that you might see your child produce, and providing other tips to help parents and caregivers in this process. I will definitely be recommending this book to the families that I work with."—Dr. Cara Goodwin, PhD, Founder of Parenting Translator

"Finally the perfect book to learn everything you need to know about baby sign language! The visuals and descriptions are absolutely incredible. Expert Mary Smith somehow predicts what questions you would ask and answers them all. Trust me, this resource will make parenthood so much easier!"—Allison Jandu, Founder & Owner of Potty Training Consultant

"Baby Sign Language by Mary Smith is a wonderful resource for parents. As a psychologist, I know for many parents, it can be so challenging when they are unsure of what their child is needing or wanting. By incorporating some sign language into their communication strategies, it can help decrease the frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty by improving ways to communicate in early development. This easy-to-follow book provides practical strategies for parents to learn ASL and new communication tools with their littles. I look forward to teaching and learning with my own daughter." —Chelsea Bodie, Psychologist and Parenting & Postpartum Expert, Founder & Owner of Mama Psychologists

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