THE SEA CRYSTAL and Other Weird Tales (Paperback)

THE SEA CRYSTAL and Other Weird Tales By Susan Berliner Cover Image


Welcome to Susan Berliner's world. It's a place where strange things--both good and bad--happen. Meet some of the inhabitants:

* Doreen. It's time for her wedding--but where is everyone? (Doreen's Wedding)

* Neal. The face he sees in the mirror is no longer his own. (Mirror Image)

* Deb. All she does is recite four Latin words. How bad can that be? (The Rapunzel Effect)

* Ben. Everything he says sounds like gibberish. (Wordless)

* Mary. Her sweet dreams become nightmares--and then the nightmares become real. (Dare to Dream)

* Kayla & Dan, Lisette & Omar. Two vacationing couples--one white and one black--form a bizarrely close relationship. (The Sea Crystal)

* Alicia. She waters office plants for a living. It's a stress-free job, right? (The Plant Whisperer)

* Isabel. The man in a red sports car looks exactly like her long-lost husband. (Nathan's Return)

In this weird world, you'll encounter a variety of genres--from thriller and horror to fairy tale and humor. Enjoy your visit.

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ISBN: 9780983940159
ISBN-10: 0983940150
Publisher: Srb Books
Publication Date: April 13th, 2016
Pages: 180
Language: English