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Witty, warm, and charming...Fans of Emily Henry and Robinne Lee’s The Idea of You are going to go crazy for this one!” —Jennifer Close, author of Marrying the Ketchups

A recipe for love that hits all the right notes

Culinary student Lexi Berman, 24, has one goal: to make her late mother proud by becoming an executive chef in a Michelin-star restaurant. And she isn’t going to let anything–or anyone–get in the way. But when she meets Jake Taylor, a dive bar musician who charms her with show tunes, she makes a rare exception to her no-dating rule. After a steamy weekend together, Jake leaves for L.A. to record his demo, and Lexi never expects to see him again. And she definitely doesn’t expect him to become an overnight celebrity, with a breakout single that’s almost certainly about her famous blueberry pancake recipe.

As Jake’s star rises and the world speculates about the subject of his song, Lexi keeps the affair to herself. After all, she’s finally found her footing at her new restaurant job, and even has a prospective romance with her coworker. But when a distraught Jake turns up on her doorstep late one night, her carefully-laid plans are thrown for a loop. Though she and Jake try to be friends, things between them soon reheat faster than a bowl of Lexi's matzah ball soup. But a relationship with Jake means risking her face in tabloids, withstanding cruel internet comments, and worst of all, jeopardizing her career. As Jake’s upcoming tour approaches, and rumors swirl about him and another pop star, Lexi has to decide if holding onto her meticulously-planned future is worth walking away from what could be the perfect recipe for love.

Set both in the chaos of fame and the high stakes world of New York City restaurants, this novel sprinkles in a second chance at love and a dollop of celebrity drama to create a romantic romp that will make even the most jaded reader smile.

About the Author

Lindsay Hameroff is a writer, humorist, and former English teacher raised in Baltimore, MD and based in Harrisburg, PA. Her writing has been featured in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Belladonna, Weekly Humorist, and other outlets. She also co-edits Frazzled, a parenting humor site. Till There Was You is her first novel.

Praise For…

"A fun premise and the characters charm. Hameroff shows promise."
—Publishers Weekly

"Sparkles with wit...Fans of romantic comedies and celebrity love stories will enjoy this cute romance."
—Library Journal

"Hameroff’s rom-com romp is in the vein of Hallmark romance and Wattpad fan fiction, but it never veers too far from reality. Lexi and Jake have real chemistry and believable relationship problems, allowing their conflicts to feel natural and not contrived. They are also easy to root for, and readers will delight in their unlikely romance until the end."

"Readers are in for a treat (pun intended) because Lindsay Hameroff's debut novel is just as sweet as it is hilarious.... Till There Was You has everything you could want in a rom-com: a great meet-cute, stakes that are equally serious and silly, and laugh out loud hijinks."


"An unforgettable debut."

"Debut author Lindsay Hameroff captures readers’ hearts in this romantic, witty story... deliciously cute...filled with sweet moments and lovable characters."
—Woman's World

“Till There Was You
explores what happens when an aspiring chef meets a musician on the edge of fame and becomes his inspiration for a hit single—in other words, it’s a complete delight! Lindsay Hameroff’s debut is witty, warm, and charming with a healthy dose of hilarious one-liners and clever dialogue. Fans of Emily Henry and Robinne Lee’s The Idea of You are going to go crazy for this one!”
—Jennifer Close, author of Marrying the Ketchups

"Falling for a talented musician who writes dreamy songs about you is pure wish fulfillment, and that's exactly what Lindsay Hameroff delivers in Till There Was You! Fans of Holly James and Amanda Elliot won't want to miss this one!"
—Alicia Thompson, bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

“Lindsay Hameroff blends beloved romance tropes to create a modern-day fairy tale that is both delightful and satisfying. A tasty treat, Till There Was You hits all the right notes.”
— Jean Meltzer, International Bestselling Author of The Matzah Ball

“Laugh-out-loud funny, delicious with desire, and heartbreakingly romantic. Till There Was You will make you believe in true love and make you hungry on the same page.”
— Taylor Hahn, author of The Lifestyle

“I tore through Till There Was You laughing and crying in equal measure. Lindsay Hameroff's debut romcom is equal parts sweet, sexy, and funny with surprising vulnerable depths.”
— Meredith Schorr, author of As Seen On TV

“A deeply satisfying star-crossed celebrity romance, skillfully balancing butterfly-inducing fantasy and heart-squeezing emotional honesty.”
—Ava Wilder, author of How To Fake It In Hollywood

"Till There Was You is the best kind of love story—the kind where big, serious emotions live side by side with laugh-out-loud wit and glamorous escapism. Hameroff has written a celebrity romance that feels achingly real: a delicious, whirlwind tale of courtship amid rising fame (with one hell of a hot musician) that’s still somehow grounded with a tender, thoughtful heart. I loved this assured debut and know it’s destined for readers’ favorites shelf."
—Ashley Winstead, author of The Boyfriend Candidate

“A swoon-worthy debut! Lexi is a delightfully relatable heroine, a young chef searching for authenticity in Manhattan . . . while accidentally falling for an overnight sensation, musician Jake Taylor…This book was impossible to put down, with a rom-com grand gesture that’ll leave you grinning from ear-to-ear.”
—Alison Greenberg, author of Bad Luck Bridesmaid

“With prose as delicious and savory as a home-cooked meal, Hameroff delivers a warm, swoony, laugh-out-loud love story between a chef and a rock star that twists well-loved tropes into something utterly fresh.”
—Livy Hart, author of Talk Flirty to Me

"In Till There Was You, Hameroff gives us a recipe for romance perfection: Lexi and Jake are equal parts scorching-hot chemistry and heartfelt tenderness. This is the chef/rockstar OTP I didn’t know I needed!"
—Jenny L. Howe, author of The Make-Up Test

"Every course of Till There Was You, from the sizzling appetizer to the sweet ending, is a joy. I devoured this charming second-chance romance."
—Amanda Elliot, author of Best Served Hot and Sadie on a Plate

“A dazzling debut worth savoring! With wit and heart, Hameroff crafts an immersive world of food, friendship, and fighting for your soulmate against all odds that will have readers smitten from the start.”
—Holly James, author of The Déjà Glitch

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ISBN: 9781250902917
ISBN-10: 1250902916
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 320
Language: English