Egg: A Dozen Ovatures (Paperback)

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“Endlessly surprising.… Like the egg itself, this book is a perfect, miraculous package.” —Mary Roach, best-selling author of Fuzz

An unconventional history of the world’s largest cellular workhorse, from chickens to penguins, from art to crime, and more.

The egg is a paradox—both alive and not alive—and a symbol as old as culture itself. In this wide-ranging and delightful journey through its natural and cultural history, Lizzie Stark explores the egg’s deep meanings, innumerable uses, and metabolic importance through a dozen dazzling specimens.

From Mali to Finland, mythologies around the globe have invested the egg with powers of regeneration and fecundity, often ascribing the origin of the world to a cosmic egg. An oracle to Romans, fought over by Gold Rush gangs, used as the foundation of the Clown Egg Registry, and blasted into space, the egg has taken on larger proportions than, say, the ovum of an ostrich.

It has starred in global dishes from the Korean comfort food ttukbaegi gyeranjjim to the less regaled yet iconic soft-boiled egg. Stark writes a biography of French-born chef Jacques Pépin through his egg creations, and weaves in her personal experiences, like attempting to make the perfect omelet or trying her hand at pysanky—the Ukrainian art of egg decoration. She also explores her fraught relationship to the eggs in her body due to a familial link to cancer, and shares her delight in becoming a mother.

Filled with colorful characters and fascinating morsels, Egg is playful, informative, and guarantees that you’ll never take this delicate ovoid for granted again.

About the Author

Lizzie Stark is a participation designer and the author of Pandora’s DNA and Leaving Mundania. Her writing has been featured in publications such as the Washington Post, Daily Beast, io9, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She lives in Massachusetts.

Praise For…

Egg is cheeky, playful, and deeply informative—in short, a complete delight.

— Jennifer Egan, New York Times best-selling author of The Candy House


Egg bursts forth as a joyous triumph in the fresh field of body-part literature. Lizzie Stark writes with wit, verve, and warmth. I loved every page.

— Florence Williams, author of Heartbreak

Covers just about every aspect of the egg: biology, symbolism, health, medicine, art, culture, cultivation and, of course, cookery.… Even the practical uses of eggshells are described in the book’s lively pages.
— Florence Fabricant - New York Times

Egg is one of those rare and voracious books that defies categorization. Lizzie Stark uses the egg as a means of hatching one startling inquiry after another. Like her culinary hero Jacques Pépin, Lizzie Stark makes magic out of the simplest ingredients: her insatiable curiosity, keen intelligence, and a literary style that is wry, elegant, and searching.

— Steve Almond, author of All the Secrets of the World

Enlightening and entertaining…remind[s] us that even the simplest, most mundane objects may contain multitudes.
— Michael Patrick Brady, WBUR

The book’s 12 thematic chapters are dense and rich—like flan, but good.
— Katherine Mangu-Ward, Reason magazine

Surprising, revealing and entertaining. After reading this delightful book, you will never look at an egg the same way again.
— BookPage

Lizzie Stark makes the egg her protagonist, tracing its biography in a dazzling probe of art, science, outer space, menus—and her body—across the globe. Imaginative and wildly original, Egg asks us to consider no less than the origin of everything and our role in maintaining the chicken-and-egg system.

— Marie Mutsuki Mockett, author of American Harvest

Richly peppered with insight and a dash of humor, Lizzie Stark takes us on a fresh adventure to understand the humble foundation of life, the egg.
— Terry Hope Romero, coauthor of Veganomicon

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