Joseon: Addressing Unification & Fine Dust: 조선 왕조의 수호 통일&#44284 (Paperback)

Joseon: Addressing Unification & Fine Dust: 조선 왕조의 수호 통일과 By Randell Stroud Cover Image
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The Korean Peninsula is geographically, technologically, and culturally, one of the most intriguing and important places on Earth. In this report submitted to the United Nations in Nairobi/Environmental affairs and to the Korean Environmental Ministry, the pros and challenges of North/South unification as well as practical solutions for the eradication and/or reduction of the fine-dust air crisis, is addressed in this title. As an American descendant of those who fought in the Korean war, and adopted family members who share in the ethnic pride of the Joseon people, I owe it to them to offer my pragmatic and innovation solutions to these issues using philosophy, diplomacy, and technology to achieve peace, prosperity, and stability in this important region within our eastern hemisphere. In this title, I also push for hydrogen fuel alternatives and new technologies which are going through the patent pending process in order to help achieve these end-goals. I believe that maintaining responsibility over the Korean Peninsula and keeping our promises to those who died and bled for democracy to thrive there is the best way to maintain the region, and for the sake of my ancestors, I will commit myself to keeping their memories alive.

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ISBN: 9781716146374
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Publication Date: December 19th, 2021
Pages: 36
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