So, I'm Autistic: An Introduction to Autism for Young Adults and Late Teens (Paperback)

So, I'm Autistic: An Introduction to Autism for Young Adults and Late Teens By Sarah O'Brien Cover Image
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'There isn't a secret manual outlining exactly how to get through your teens and young adulthood as an autistic individual, but this book provides a script for how to do what adulthood will make you do anyway, in a way that is most accessible for you".

You've just received an autism diagnosis, so why do you still feel so lost when it comes to what autism actually means for you?

Written by autistic advocate Sarah O'Brien, this book gives a much-needed introduction into what autism is and removes the myths, stereotypes and stigma that surround it. Sarah provides insights into what to do after diagnosis and how to approach and navigate the process of informing those in your life, from your family and friends to your teachers or manager at work. Utilising her own experience of feeling lost after diagnosis and navigating all of the 'firsts' of adolescence and young adulthood Sarah provides an honest and friendly voice to guide you through it all.

Intelligent and clearly-written, this is the fact-led and information-rich resource that will answer your questions about autism, introduce you to your new community and set you up to thrive as an autistic adult.

About the Author

Sarah O'Brien is an autistic advocate and academic. She has worked with many autistic young people supporting them to thrive in life, supporting them to live the lives that they want to in a world that isn't always accommodating. Throughout her career Sarah has worked with professionals across research, healthcare, policy and campaigning while utilising her lived experience of being autistic to shape positive change. She has had interview features in the Telegraph, BBC Radio and the Adulting Podcast

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ISBN: 9781839972263
ISBN-10: 1839972262
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: June 21st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English