The Odyssey (Paperback)

The Odyssey By Alexander Pope (Translator), Homer Cover Image
By Alexander Pope (Translator), Homer
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Tell me, Muse, of that man, so ready at need, who wandered far and wide, after he had sacked the sacred citadel of Troy, and many were the men whose towns he saw and whose mind he learnt, yea, and many the woes he suffered in his heart upon the deep, striving to win his own life and the return of his company. Nay, but even so he saved not his company, though he desired it sore. For through the blindness of their own hearts they perished, fools, who devoured the oxen of Helios Hyperion: but the god took from them their day of returning. Of these things, goddess, daughter of Zeus, whencesoever thou hast heard thereof, declare thou even unto us.

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ISBN: 9798590558537
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Publication Date: January 9th, 2021
Pages: 208
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