Sharp as a Sword’s Edge, Merciful Crow Delivers.

by Indigo

The Merciful Crow 
follows Fie, the rising chieftain and witch of a gang of crows. The world of Sabor has a strict caste system with each caste having what is known as a birthright. Each caste has a few witches with heightened versions of the birthright of the caste. Phoenixes have fire, Peacocks have glamour, and Swans have desire. Doves have artistry, Owls have Memory, and Vultures have hunting. Gulls have wind, Pigeons have luck, and Sparrows have refuge.  The Crows don’t have a traditional birthright but they are immune to what is known as the Sinners Plague. A seemingly incurable and highly contagious disease that has killed many over the centuries. Crow witches can draw on the powers of the dead with their teeth. 

When Fie and her gang are called to the palace to collect the bodies of some of the royals, she is surprised to discover that the bodies they were called to collect are not dead. Prince Jasimir and his bodyguard Tavin promise to improve life for the Crows if Fie can help them get to Tavin’s mother, a high-ranked military officer, to help her mount a takeover of the current regime led by Jasimir’s mother, the wicked Queen Rhusana. 

With the help of Fie’s gang of crows, the group must race to Tavin’s mother and avoid the queen’s efforts to track them down by the Oleander Gentry, a civilian militia that will do whatever they can to kill the crows. 

Alliances form and break at a moment's notice and stir feelings amongst the group. Fie must see what she is willing to sacrifice to see her people truly claim their birthright. The Merciful Crow is full of wit as quick as a bow snap, drama as sharp as a sword's edge, and emotion that can light a fire in the darkest of hearts. 

Keep in Mind

Does this book explore gender themes?
Yes! The focus is not on queer aspects of the book but they are present and they are LGBTQ positive!
Are there any content warnings I need before I read the book?
No more than any other dark fantasy novel. This story though it can be dark in places lacks the more graphic elements that might require a content warning but still trust your judgment.
Do you have any recommendations for more books like this?
Yes! Margaret Owen put out a sequel called The Faithless Hawk, which is just as good as the original. I'd also recommend Small Favors and House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig if you want some more gritty but fun, dark fantasy.
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House of Salt and Sorrows (SISTERS OF THE SALT) By Erin A. Craig Cover Image
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